osnatisraeliCOsnat Israeli has practiced yoga since 1998. She studied  Iyengar Yoga for the first 5 years, and study Vijñāna-Yoga with Orit Sen-Gupta since 2002. Osnat completed on 2005  senior teacher of Vijnana Yoga, 800-hour Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training at Wingate Academic College in Israel. She practices mindfulness meditation for over 15 years, and she is a senior yoga teacher for children, holds MA in 'Children and Youth Studies' from Tel-Aviv University in Israel.


osnatisraeliB"My teaching integrate the practice of (asana) postures, breathing (pranayama) & sitting techniques based on Vijnana's 7 principles and  vayus. These  allows us to be inwardly attentive, and to see and understand from within in order to act skillfully in the world.  Through the practice of Ashtanga yoga, simultaneously using Vinyasa, breathing and bandhas. I also use the didactic principle from Iyengar .

I teach a varied audience ranging from beginner groups open to the public, children and teens, Special needs and leads teachers training courses in yoga for children& teens. Osnat Israeli.


  osnatis2007@gmail.com    |    whatsApp: +972-523-406-643


Vijnana Yoga: Practicing from Inside 

Calling our way of practicing Vijñāna Yoga is but giving recognition to something that has always been there, something that is at the core of our discipline: practicing, feeling, understanding – from inside.

When you walk down a path, you walk on it, and you do not know. Do not know and yet continue to walk, and the way reveals both this lack of knowledge and the power to continue walking it

(Orit Sen-Gupta)


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