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The yoga cards for kids, were created out of teaching yoga to children, for children.

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yoga for kids

yoga for kids

who practice yoga and are familiar with the poses, for parent’s who practice yoga and want their children to join in the secret magic of yoga, and for teachers that want to add a light and enjoyable feel to their classes. 

Through the yoga cards, children can enjoy the world of yoga from the place they feel most natural being in: Games. By this experience they can practice easily and naturally the traditional yoga poses and understands the real essence of each pose. 

yoga for kidsThrough the yoga cards, children can enjoy the world of yoga from the place they feel most natural being in: Games. By this experience they can practice easily and naturally the traditional yoga poses and understands the real essence of each pose
20 different yoga positions come in pairs. Illustration and a photograph of a child in yoga pose. 

About Osnat Israeli:yogaforkidsTTC

Osnat is the director of  'Yoga children's teacher' training' courses and a  senior yoga teacher in Israel. She lives in Tel-Aviv and working on her Master Degree in Childhood Study in Tel-Aviv University.

 She practices yoga since 1998. Her Yoga studies were in India and Israel, in several styles: Iyengar, Vijnana, Astanga Viniasa. 

She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Wingate Institute and Children's Yoga teacher from the Reidman College. 

In 2004 Osnat created the children's cards game "Yoga for children- card game". Osnat is a graduate from Tel Aviv University, she practices Vipassana Meditation.


yoga for kids cards game

yoga for kids cards game


A yoga teacher completed three-year yoga teachers training course at Wingate institutePractice yoga since 1998.
"A yoga instructor uses her ads background – and a love of kids- to make the discipline accessible for all ages". 
"The Mary Popines of yoga. 'Games are an excellent way to teach." 
Meredith price Jerusalem Post, 2 nov. 2007
  Ideas for games:
place the cards facing down, and search for pairs of Pose /illustration. Each time a pair is found, the pose is performed. The memory game:
scatter around the room a few cards facing down, and begin to move freely with the sound of music. When the music stops, each child stands still near a card closest to him, turns it and performs the pose shown on it. Freeze!:
place the cards facing down. A child chooses a card and shows the pose. The other children try to find out through a number of questions the name of the pose. For example; is it an animal? Does it live in water? The investigators:
choose randomly a number of cards (3-6) and place them next to each other in a row. Perform the poses in a continuous manner as shown in the row (movement with flow, similar to the sun salutation). Continuous movement:
place the cards facing down. The first child chooses a card, shows the pose and tells a short story that combines the pose. The next child chooses an extra card. Story tellers:


The practice
The bodies of small children are constantly developing and that is why they should not be encouraged to perform poses that are either difficult for them, or they do not feel comfortable doing. If there is pain or strain, it is best to do less; we should make sure to listen to our bodies all the times. The pose must be comfortable and steady. Don’t forget to breathe! When effort is demanded in a pose, remember to breathe through the nose, deeply and freely. Standing poses Mountain, tree, warrior, stork These poses support the natural posture of the body and strengthen the feet. They give physical confidence. They help develop will power, perseverance and stability, enabling to reach a state of peace and quiet. They are characterized as being strongly connected to the ground (foundation, stability and permanence), grounding gives a sense of force, rooting and physical confidence.It is important to work with the feet, and to feel the connection between the feet and the upper portion of the body. Balancing postures Toad, cat, stork, arrow These poses help develop balance, uprightness, and physical confidence.Balancing helps develop good coordination between the different areas of the brain and balances the capability of the right and left side. They also develop the ability to focus and concentrate.Develops a sense of a center, enforces inner strength and self-confidence. You should start on the right side, then the left. It is important to do both sides. Back bending poses Cobra snake, slide, fish, pigeon and camel Theses poses strengthen the long back muscles and flex the spine. They strengthen the shoulder belt and help open the joints. They help to release tension, and awaken joy and enthusiasm.They help create a sense of space, together with positive and optimistic communication with the world. At the end of a back bending practice you should do at least one forward bending pose. Forward bending poses 
Mouse, rabbit, turtle These poses are calming and recollect inwards the energy.
They are known for turning inwards and concentration.
They encourage quietness and harmony.
The back should be kept wide and soft. It is possible to stay in these poses for a longer period of time. Inverted poses 
Dog, shoulder stand In inverted poses the energy is returned. They renew and invigorate.
They should be done with a sense of comfort and security in order to fully enjoy their advantages, and should be stayed in a bit longer. These are advanced poses. Therefore the body should first be strengthened and get to a state of having control of the pose.Relaxation pose This pose enables us to refresh and return energy and vitality to the body. This is also an opportunity to be with our selves a few moments in silence, and connect inwards, to our selves. 
We will end each practice with a few minutes of relaxation Osnat Israel

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